Sand Less Beach Mat
Sand Less Beach Mat
Sand Less Beach Mat
Sand Less Beach Mat
Sand Less Beach Mat

Sand Less Beach Mat

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Love The Beach But Can't Stand The Sand Sticking To Your Body?

This Amazing Sand Free Beach Mat saves your family the hassle of tracking sand or dirt everywhere!



 Made from two layers of patented woven polyurethane that instantly filter sand to the beach as soon as it falls on its surface.

Sand Free Technology

The dual-layer mesh technology features a top layer that allows particles to pass through it while the bottom later prevents sand beneath it from rising up. If sand does make its way on the mat, all you need to do is brush it off with your hand and it'll fall through the mat, as shown below.

Extremely Durable

Features reinforced seams as well as double-reinforced, heavy-duty metal corner D-rings, which allow it to be securely affixed to the ground quickly and easily, even in adverse conditions.



Perfect for the true outdoor enthusiast who demands durability and versatility in everything they own. It works great as a ground mat when camping, backpacking, and RVing.

Machine Washable

Want to wash your beach mat? No problem. This sand free beach mat is not only sand proof and waterproof but also machine washable. Perfect for after those long days at the beach.




Military Grade

Our Mat eliminates all dirt, dust, and water from its surface

to ensure a clean and dry mat wherever you take it!